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Food Coop in Osdorp

FoodCoopOsdorp is an association in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. We are located at Stadsboerderij Osdorp (Botteskerksingel 30B). Every week members can order fresh, organic, seasonal and local products directly from the farmer. Anyone can become a member and by ordering directly from the farmer we make the co-op affordable and plastic free.

We do it together
FoodCoopOsdorp is a non-profit association run by members. All members contribute to the running of the organization. Each member has to help with setting up the orders four times a year. The distribution will take place every Wednesday in the afternoon in teams of 3 people. Products are delivered in large crates and are distributed to members by order. This way each member gives his or her contribution to the cooperative and during the distribution you can get to know eachother.

If you are curious, you can always come on Wednesday afternoons to check out at Stadsboerderij Osdorp. You can also make a different contribution, such as helping with the website, contacting new suppliers, helping with recruiting new members or anything else that contributes to the association. Some members have a special coordinating role.

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Get to know us!

Every first and third Thursday of the month at 8.00 pm we will be hosting a short 30 min. online orientation for whoever is interested in joining. To attend please e-mail to

We are happy to show what the Foodcoop can do for you!


How does it work?
FoodCoopOsdorp is a cooperation. Everyone can become a member for € 10 per year. The membership fee is used to cover, among other things, the delivery costs of the suppliers and administrative costs (such as costs for the website and the bank account), and to make small investments such as buying a scale.

If you become a member you get access to the order list and once logged in you can easily place your order. The € 10 membership fee will automatically be charged for the first order.

To become a member you can fill in the registration form below.

After Corona, we plan to organize every few months nice meetings for the members. For example joint dinners or a visit to the suppliers. The program will also includes a “Meet the Farmers” outing to meet the farmers of BioRomeo. And sometimes they come to visit us!

Cancel Membership
Do you want to stop again? Send an email to with that request.

How to order products

Order online
Every Friday, all members receive an email with a link to the order list. You can place your order online between Friday morning and Sunday evening 8.00 pm. When you log in you will see what is available that week and you can click on what you want to order.

You can pay the costs of your order with iDEAL. By paying you make the order final. So make sure you pay before the order round closes, otherwise your products will not be delivered. All products that appear to be unavailable will be converted to a credit amount on your account. With the next order, this amount is automatically deducted from your new order.

Pick up
You can pick up your order on Wednesday between 5.00 and 7.00 pm at Stadsboerderij Osdorp. We ask everyone to bring their own bags or crates to take their order home! The paper bags are convenient to reuse and take with you. If you cannot pick up on Wednesday but have ordered, ask another member or an acquaintance to take your order with you. This can be done via the Signal-group.


Some more Details

Joint minimum order
Because we order directly from the producers, we are forced to purchase larger quantities. For example, we can order pumpkins per 10 pieces. That means we can take 10, 20 or 30 pumpkins, but not 13. If 13 people order a pumpkin, we only get 10, otherwise we will be left with 7 pumpkins too much. Unfortunately, three people will not receive a pumpkin. Here, first come, first served. So if you order on Friday, you are more likely to get everything you order than if you order on Sunday evening.

See how much is already ordered by others
On the website you can see next to each product how much has already been ordered and how much is still needed to achieve the minimum. That way you can estimate what will and will not be delivered and you can make orders “full” so that they are more likely to be delivered.

The “extra” column
There are two columns next to each product. The first column is to order the quantity you want in any case. The second column is to indicate what you would like to order ‘extra’, if you can help achieve minimum purchase. If there are enough people who order this product, you will not receive the extra quantity, but if it is necessary to complete the order, then you will. In the first instance, you do not pay for the products that you specify in the “extra” column. This amount will be added to your next order and will then be settled.

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Een plek van ontmoeting en inspiratie waar we samen met de buurt werken aan een groen en gezond Osdorp; met voedsel als centrale focus.
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